Sonnys Chilli Sauce

sonny_img1Homemade with fresh red chillies, garlic, ginger, and coriander.

Used as a condiment or cooking sauce, it will transform all your meals and snacks and give it the extra ‘oomph’ it’s missing…

Sonny has been making this sauce to accompany his momos for years. It was only when festival goers started begging us to take some home that we decided to jar it up, ready to add to the comfort of your condiment cupboard!

Available in 180ml glass jars.

Why not try it with:

  • Stir fries & noodles
  • Curries and chilli
  • Pasta sauces
  • Mayonnaise or sour cream dips
  • Tofu and meat marinades
  • Scrambled eggs and omelettes

We would LOVE to hear how you use yours!

Confessed Chilli Sauce Addicts

Tesco’s Pizza utterly and majestically transformed with Sonny’s Tibetan Kitchen Chilli Sauce. The bland offering became a glowing subject full of gentle fire. Try some ….
Victor Louis Hyman, Barbakan Delicatessen, Manchester

Really peps up a boring cheese sandwich; adds some bite to egg mayonnaise; now I’m trying to find a way of adding it to hot chocolate!
Barbara Durbin, Cardiff

Awesome stuff – we intend to put it on everything. We had some on our beans on toast today – super yummy lol
Donna Ansell

A member of our school staff brought Sonny’s Tibetan Chilli Sauce into work, all those who tried it thought it was incredible. The sauce is hot but not overpowering and tastes fabulous, made with fresh ingredients it’s perfect when added to Oriental or Indian food and when used as an accompaniment to many dishes. Over 30 members of our staff now order jars of sauce directly from Sonny and Jane, the product is delivered straight to the premises.
Oldham Chilli Club