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Tibetan Style

Himalayan Dishes

Our travels in other Himalayan areas of Northern India, Nepal and North West China have inspired these ‘Tibetan Style’ dishes. Many of these dishes are stir-fried with additional seasoning from sesame seeds and oil, garam masala, red chilli, black pepper and coconut cream.

Here is a selection of menu items to tantalise your taste buds!

Traditional Tibetan dishSha Sha – sesame chicken
Tender strips of chicken lightly battered using flour, egg and sesame seeds, then stirfried with packchoi and peppers. Also try our ‘Sha Tak’ -beef strips
Traditional Tibetan dishNgo Khatsa – chickpea and spinach curry
One of our most popular choices! Slow cooking combine simple spinach leaf and chickpeas to create a delicous tasting stew/curry which will have you coming back for more! Served with boiled rice.
Traditional Tibetan dishSoysha
Organic tofu strips, mushrooms and green beans stir-fried with light seasoning or chilli. Served with boiled rice.
Traditional Tibetan dishShoKho- fried potato
Finely sliced pototo, stir fried with light chilli.
Traditional Tibetan dishSpiced Milk Tea
Black tea, ginger, cardamom, sugar and whole milk are expertly brewed together to create this amazing warming sweet drink. Better than any shop bought teabags or powders! A delicious alternative to Chai. Also try our fresh yoghurt shake – inspired by Tibetan (yak) yoghurt drinks and the ever popular Indian lassi.
Other tasty meat and vegetable stir fries and curries available.

We are always developing our menu and offering seasonal specials, using organic locally grown produce when in season.