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Sustainability Policy – October 2016

We have a genuine interest in developing and investing in a more ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to catering both while on the road and in our takeaway cafe.

Our aims are regularly updated from your suggestions so feel free to email us with your comments and ideas.


Big update coming soon as we have just taken part in a detailed Environmental Performance Review, through our insurance providers Naturesave, and made lots of positive changes to the way we work !  You can download the document by clicking on the following link: Environmental Performance Review Tibetan Kitchen and you can download the Follow Up document by clicking on the following link: Tibetan Kitchen EPR Follow Up


Sustainability Policy – January 2017              

Present Tibetan Kitchen Team commitments:

 Use British Meat, farmed local to Manchester (or festival site) and/ or Red Tractor certified & local free range eggs

Use a range of organic ingredients (including: fresh milk, teas and coffee, soya milk, soft drinks, desserts, tofu, beans and pulses). 

 Use local/ independent/ cooperative suppliers (eg Unicorn, Eighth Day, Suma, our local produce wholesale market)

Have delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten free menu options and free salad- please ask our chef when you order

Use natural seasoning such as garlic, ginger, salt, pepper, chilli etc.  Never MSG or bottled sauces  

Use biodegradable disposables: wooden cutlery, card and paper packaging, PLA (biodegradable) pots, paper bags  and recyclable foil trays with Kraft paper bags in our takeaway

Use recycled bin bags, printer paper, cling film and foil when available. Awareness of food packaging. Bulk buying and avoiding plastic packaging where possible.

Plastic bottled drinks are limited to water at festivals. Only cans, cartons and glass are sold in the takeaway, where drinking water is always available

Festival ‘thali tray scheme’ for a small refundable deposit- we provide and wash (dependent on festival size)

Sort all rubbish and waste for recycling/ composting

 Use reclaimed wood and fabric for takeaway furnishings

Ecological cleaning products: hand wash, floor and surface cleaner ( Ecoleaf/ Ecover etc)

 Left-over festival food is donated to festival volunteer teams

 Cooking oil is rapeseed rather than palm oil, never GM and  always recycled

Use LPG  bottled gas  for most of our festival power requirements- our own gas generator is available

Use energy and water saving/efficiency strategies- team effort

Toilet Twinning

Tibetan Kitchen team ride-share/ use public transport to travel to festivals

Sell a range of fair-trade organic tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juices, soft drinks and use fair-trade sugar

Sell charity (Thirsty/One Love), local or British bottled water and offer tap water when available

Ethical banking, telephone, gas, electricity and insurance companies (Cooperative, Ecotricity and Naturesave)

Support non-political Tibetan charities and sustainable education projects  through sale of ethical gifts, second hand books and organizing charity events

Future plans:  sourcing of 100% compostable or recyclable paper cups (for festivals): eco thermal/ cool bags; ethical investment pensions; café growing project and promotion of locally grown and homemade produce     


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